A Crack in Forever


Book Review of Sultry, Is the Night by Barbara Avon - By Lydia Efobi

The two leading characters of this novel: Sultry, Is the Night, by
Barbara Avon, are Mario and Tess. These two have both undergone
heartfelt losses, and soon they share similarities in the volume of
viciousness life has shown to them. Somehow they find strength and
form a bittersweet love alliance, sharing values, family ties, and


Barbara Avon has done a tremendous job in characterization. Each
character has a life and a story to tell. The author allows the reader to
live like the character, draws you to their fierce emotions, and makes
you identify with their harsh realities through her impeccable


Barbara outdid herself in the entire atmosphere of this novel. The
settings and displays used to create complexion were flawless. Her
writing was descriptive, narrative, and expository as well. She
skillfully pulls taut a resemblance of a town’s degradation that you
could almost perceive the odors permeating the establishments and

the thoroughfares by merely reading.


To say I was not entirely impressed with this book would be a fallacy.
I was in a chokehold from the cover art to the last page. The
conspiracy was dark and depressing, but the romance was steamy and vicious. What I enjoyed the most was the incredible lessons infiltrated into this book. You would learn to live and love, and you would pick a thing or two about overcoming the many hurdles life would throw at you.


Honestly, this is a book to purchase on your next visit to the
bookstore. Barbara is a bundle of talent in fine writing, and you can
only relish her writing by engaging her books. A complete 5-star
novel and nothing less.