Romance/Suspense/Time Travel

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On the night of October 11, 1981, David Parker and his wife Marie were driving their car in a torrential downpour, before what was supposed to be a romantic anniversary dinner. What lied ahead of them on the road was a fate that was far more twisted than the curvature of the asphalt. 


Six years after that night, David awoke alone. Across town, Catherine spends her nights dreaming of a better life. She is a young widow and her beauty is surpassed only by the sadness that overwhelms her. Love eludes her. Until she connects with a man whose voice fills her heart with its melancholy truths about life. It isn't long before his spirit proves to embody everything that is good and pure and kind. David and Cat have yet to meet face to face. They fall in love over the airwaves, both having come in possession of a portable, two-way radio transceiver. One night, David asks, "Is it the flesh that we love or the soul of a person that attracts us to them?" Cat replies, "In death, true love is bound eternally outside the confines of the body, David. I already love you." Still, he must see her. If fate will allow it. 

This is the story of David and Catherine's love. A love so powerful that it is almost given voice. You can almost hear it - through the static. - Romance/Suspense/Time Travel

PROMISE ME - Now Available!

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I cannot tell you how many times I cried and stopped to note down some phrases I never want to forget.  Keep giving back this tremendous gift! - Tessa, Ottawa

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Time Travel

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Psychological Horror