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Michael Rossi has an extraordinary talent.  Every day, he sets out with his grandfather's camera to capture incredible images like the ones his Nonno used to take in Italy.  His girlfriend recently left him with a broken heart and he's grateful for the distraction. 


One day, he sees through his lens, a beautiful woman kneeling at a headstone.  He quietly snaps her picture and retreats to his two-bedroom home in the city, developing the film in his dark room.  


He returns to the cemetery daily and every day, the woman is also there.  Finally, one day, Michael gathers the courage to approach her.  It doesn't take them long to fall in love. 


Nicole harbors a secret, however.  A secret that she is ashamed of and that has changed her in ways she can't describe.  If spoken, it would threaten the love she shares with Michael.  


Ultimately, Michael becomes aware that something isn't right.  The words unspoken between them, become the most powerful of all.


Is their love strong enough to survive or will Nicole's secret take them down a dark hole that spirals deeper and deeper into uncertainty?



Loved , LOVED it.... Couldn't put it down once I got started..... can't wait for the next book ! - NB Cast, California

The Gift…is exactly that…a Gift! It’s a surprising turn of events that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. The ending is so powerful, I don’t know where you can bring your characters to next. I was pleasantly surprised that you were still able to captivate me with the characters and their back stories just as much as in your other novels. This thriller is wonderfully written and I look forward to reading your next novels in any and all styles you decide to embark on. Congratulations! - Nicole, Rockland

I'm re-reading "The Gift" as I can't get it out of my mind. Love all of your books but your latest is so very different. - Teresa, Kemptville

And an OMG it was amazing! I loved all your books but have to say, this is the best! Thank you! - R.J., Casselman

There's a lot to it...and all kinds of wonderful!   The Gift" is a brilliant, captivating and chilling story. I became so engrossed in the book and could see the characters before me that I forgot to head out for the farm's chores!  By the end of the book I was already looking forward to reading more in the series (yes that's a hint Barb!) - Patricia, Dalkeith   Reply from the author - I am so thrilled to announce that I am working on the sequel, "Michael's Choice"!

"The Gift" was amazing! Barbara Avon is a truly talented author. Once you pick up her newest novel, you won't want to put it down.  Had me on the edge of my chair! - Linda, Orleans

"I love the mysteries within your writings.  The little nuggets of info not revealed.  The tease of the tidbits you do release.  And then there's the love story.  The multi facets of the player's personalities.  I have moments where I'm going....ahhh...with a smile.....and then, 'don't give up'.....and then, I'm sad and melancholy.  Love it!  Can't wait for the sequel to The Gift!  You have such an amazing talent!!" - Geri, Ottawa

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